Judging Process 

  1. Judging may begin as soon as the competition closes.
  2. Judges should complete their scoring by midnight on the Thursday following the close of a competition. This is to allow for resolution of any outstanding questions regarding the images being judged.
  3. Judging will be done by a three or more judge panel.
    1. Exceptions may apply when a guest with recognized qualifications agrees to judge the competition alone. It will be the responsibility of the president, or the competition chair at the direction of the president, to make this determination.
  4. Judges will normally be chosen from a pool of members that have volunteered to serve as judges and selection is the responsibility of the President or Competition Chair at the direction of the president.
  5. General qualifications to judge are:
    1. Member in good standing or outside individual recognized to have the experience and judgment necessary.
    2. Active in the competition or recognized generally as qualified.
    3. Attained Advanced or Master level (Intermediate level will be allowed at the discretion of the president or competition chair.
    4. These qualifications may be partially waived by the president or competition chair at the direction of the president if in their opinion, a well qualified candidate would be excluded
  6. Qualified individuals outside the club may also fill these positions.
  7. Guest or club member speakers may be given the option to participate in the judging and/or critiquing process.
  8. The President or Competition Chair may ask only one judge to critique all the images, or alternate judges for each image

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