Image Competition is held prior to most monthly meetings unless special events, workshops, or other activities preempt the competition.  

Members are limited to one (1) image per competition topic. There will be three to four competitions per month.

  • Open Projected Images
  • Pictorial Projected Images - Monochrome
  • Travel Projected Images
  • Monthly Topic Projected Images
  • Nature Projected Images - General


General rules that apply to images submitted for competition are:


All images used in competition must be the property of the member and must be photographs or combinations of photographs that were taken by the member. Other photographic material from other sources is not permitted to be used unless specified in a monthly or other special topic.


The photographic image may not be a reproduction of another artist's work. The image entered must be the photographer's original work. If another work of art is visible in the photograph, it cannot be the central theme or message of the photograph. If the judges determine the artwork is the central theme, the image will be scored accordingly.


All images must begin with a photograph. They may not be totally computer generated.


Members may only enter in one level.


Images may only be entered once in a given year (except for the year-end competition where they must be entered in the same level and category as originally entered). Images that don’t earn an award may be entered again the following year. Images that win any award may not be entered again.


Promotions to higher levels are based on a member’s average score for their last 9 images during the past 12 months. If a member has less than 9 entries in the past year, their average score calculation will be padded with zeros. A member cannot win an award unless they have at least 9 entries in the past year. Competition level limits will be adjusted each year to avoid having everyone grouped into the same one or two levels.


There are five competition levels with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest.


All members will start out at Level 1, and they can only move up to another level once they have submitted a minimum of 9 images to competitions in the past 12 months.


Student members may only enter at Level 1.


By entering images in a Loveland Photographic Society competition the photographer gives Loveland Photographic Society non-exclusive right to use the image for purposes related to promotion of the Loveland Photographic Society and for benefit of the members. For example: these images may be used in slide shows or other presentations to the members and to outside parties for the purpose of promoting the Loveland Photographic Society.




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