The primary objective of the Newsletter Editor is to write and collect articles, edit the Society’s Newsletter, and publish it. The Newsletter Editor holds a voting position on the Loveland Photographic Society (LPS) Board of Directors, and should make every effort to attend all board meetings (six scheduled per year: first Tuesday of odd months) to help direct the club in the decision making process.

Basic Duties:

  1. The editor collects articles for publication.
  2. Writes articles for publication.
  3. Edits the newsletter.
  4. Publishes the newsletter in a timely manner.
  5. Ensures that copies are retained on file.
  6. Sends email notices of special events and announcements that are not included in the Newsletter.

Time Commitment:

There is no set time commitment, however the editor should expect to spend 4 to 6 hours per month. It is normally expected that a Newsletter will be published each month in a consistent and timely manner, generally within two weeks after the monthly meeting.

Other Requirements:

The newsletter editor should have a demonstrated ability publish multipage documents using software such as Adobe InDesign.


The Newsletter Editor seeks to ensure that the members are kept informed of current and upcoming events and opportunities as well as news in the world of photography. This enables the members to attend workshops or programs, which may interest them. The Newsletter also serves as a record of events as they happen each month. Personal benefits include getting to help other members stay informed while furthering personal interests in the field of photography.

Updated 11/2018

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