Image Sizing and Presentation

You no longer need to re-size your images before submitting them to competitions. The web site will automatically re-size images that exceed the allowed dimensions for each competition.

Submissions will be automatically converted to an sRGB profile when displayed on this website. The Image Competition Manager program properly handles embedded profiles.

Generally, all competitions will enforce a maximum width of 1920 pixels and a maximum height of 1600 pixels. This does not mean that your images must be re-sized to exactly 1920 x 1600. These are just the maximum width and height that the web site allows.

JPEG file size should not exceed 1 MB (megabyte). (under review) 

Digital images may be digitally matted or framed, but this then becomes a part of the image to be judged and should be considered in the overall size of the image. 

You may prefer to re-size your image before you upload., but this is nor required. If you do re-size before uploading, you will control the re-sizing operation and can make any adjustments you feel are needed to your image.

Remember, you can always review your image on the web site to ensure it looks like you expect.


Other Thoughts on Re-sizing 

In simple terms, your image once re-sized should fit in a box no wider than 1920 pixels and no higher than 1600 pixels.

If you have a very tall (narrow) portrait-oriented image, it will be limited to 1600 pixels and will be less than 1920 pixels in width in order to preserve the correct aspect ratio.

Likewise, a panorama image will be limited to 1920 pixels wide and may be less than 1600 pixels high.

In Photoshop, the quality level should be set no higher than 10 when saving the image for competition.

If you have difficulty re-sizing your images, send an email to and we will help you.

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