The primary objective of the PSA Rep is to invite members to participate in club sponsored competition in specified PSA events. The PSA Rep  holds a voting position on the Loveland Photographic Society (LPS) Board of Directors, the chairperson should make every effort to attend all board meetings (six scheduled per year: first Tuesday of odd months) to help direct the club in the decision making process.

Basic Duties:

  1. Acts as the spokesperson for PSA, relating ongoing events and activities.
  2. Presents awards to participating club member winners.
  3. Coordinates PSA programs with LPS.

Time Commitment:

There is no set time commitment. It is normally expected that the PSA Rep will keep the club advised of PSA events and activities.


The PSA Rep seeks to ensure that club members can participate in PSA events and compete in an international forum. Personal benefits include getting to help other members stay informed while furthering personal interests in the field of photography.

Updated 11/2018

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