The primary objective of the President is to preside over all general meetings and Board meetings. The President may appoint chairpersons, establish committees, and delegate duties as required for the welfare of the Society. The President holds a voting position on the Loveland Photographic Society (LPS) Board of Directors, and should make every effort to attend all board meetings (six scheduled per year: first Tuesday of odd months) to help direct the club in the decision making process.

Basic Duties: (The President)

  1. Acts as the primary spokesperson for the Society.
  2. Acts as ex-officio member of all committees.
  3. Provides for coordination with other organizations.
  4. Appoints other officers or chairpersons to act in any capacity he/she sees fit.
  5. Administers the business of the club.
  6. Gives regular reports to the membership.
  7. Signs all contracts or obligations of the Society as authorized by the board, or may appoint a board member to do so.

Time Commitment:

There is no set time commitment. It is generally acknowledged that the President will attend all general meetings and all board meetings whenever possible. The Vice President will assume these duties whenever the President is unavailable.


Strong and goal oriented leadership will help retain and build membership while promoting the art, science and fun of photography. Personal benefits include getting to know other members while furthering personal interests in the field of photography.

Last Updated: 07/2009

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