PSA Guidelines and Information for "Color" Images:

Competitions are held in October, December, February and April. The closing date for each competition is the 1st of the month. The winning Award of Merit images (Blue Ribbon) are entered into the Best of the Best competition in June. After this final Best of the Best competition all the images, both Award of Merit and Honorable Mention, are scanned and placed on a DVD that each member club will receive after the PSA Conference in September.

Loveland Photographic Society competes in Group B. 

Click here to view Loveland Photographic Society's standings in the club competition.

The images are judged by member clubs, but never the group which their Club is participating. Winning images are awarded Honorable Mention or Award of Merit. At season's end, all images that earned Award of Merit are recalled and entered into the "Best Of The Best" competition. The top scoring 5 images in each group receive medals and the "Best Of The Best" receives a plaque.

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